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The China Department of our Firm provides the following attestation services to local and overseas corporations, institutions and individuals.

  • Real Estate
    1. Draft, approve and endorse contracts and legal instruments concerning real estate and provide notarization services of the same.
    2. Attend to legal formalities concerning pre-sale of real estate, mortgage and transfer of the same including notarization and registration of the same.
  • Banking
      Draft, amend and approve contracts and legal instruments concerning loans and securities documents including notarization and registration thereof.
  • Corporation
    1. Notarize natural person's qualification and identity, Business Registration Certificates of companies, Memorandum and Articles of Association, Statement of assets and liabilities and the like for legal persons and public and private organizations.
    2. Issue notarial certificates of birth, death, qualifications, kinship, marriage and no criminal record to Chinese citizen, overseas Chinese and foreigners for studying, working, visiting relatives, emigrating and succession purposes.
  • Other Notarial Acts
    1. Notarize contracts and other legal documents.
    2. Notarize and confirm enforceability of loan agreements where enforceability in doubt.
    3. Notarize personal agreements.
    4. Notarize adoption, succession, trust and other legal facts and judicial acts.
    5. Notarize public activities.
  • Legal Services
      Draft, amend and approve legal documents, provide legal consultancy services , issue legal opinion, attend to registration formalities concerning real estate transfer and mortgage thereof and matters on connection thereof and incidental thereto.
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